Background: TBA


Logo: We see a bowling ball rolling down a steep, red hill to a yellow cube. The cube then melts, & sucks the bowling ball inside. It falls out of the grass, & the cube, & into a dark place with a green log. The green log starts moving back in fourth within 5 seconds, & then stands up to hold the bowling ball, & toss it to the screen. The bowling ball bounces back however, thus knocking down the log. The bowling ball then explodes, & the company name appears 1 letter at a time, & the word "presents" slides, & spins below the company name. It then fades to black.

FX/SFX: Just about everything

Cheesy Factor: While a clever logo, the CGI hasn't aged well.

Music/Sounds: A goo sounding jazz tune along with sound effects of rolling, squashing, melting, & getting knocked down.

Availibility: Only seen on their 3 films, Space 700, & Ghosts of Midgetown.

Scare Factor: Medium as some of the things that happen may creep you out.

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