Intel GO! 1998-2013

Intel GO! 1998-2011

Intel GO! was the saturday morning block on Intel .TV, it was to teach kids how to use and go on computers, In Summer of 1998, Intel GO! showed The Kids Guide to the Internet on the network. When It hit 2011, The network hit talking about computers easier to kids to cartoons from Scholcastic like Magic School Bus. andthen they showed Toon Disney cartoons like, House Of Mouse, Kim Possible and more! Ounce 2013 hit Intel GO! changed to Intel Playhouse.


Screenbug for Intel GO! 1998-2013

Intel Playhouse 2013-2014

Intel Playhouse 2013-2014

Intel Playhouse was mainly for younger children, It aired Doodle Bops, Sid The Science Kid, Horrible Histories, Magic School Bus, and more. Intel Playhouse also sometimes aired some Toon Disney cartoons like The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, Kim Possible, and Lilo & Stich but they only did that in 2013.

Intel Kids 2014-present

Intel Kids logo 2014-present

Intel Kids is all about cartoons, computers and laptops. It teaches kids all about Computers like how Intel GO! did, and cartoons like how Intel Playhouse did, It showline was, Kidz PC!, House of Mouse, Kim Possible, Horrible Histories, Lilo and Stich, Kids Guide To Intel Core i7, Magic School Bus, and more! The Screenbug is the same as the logo you see here with the Intel Kids on it.