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Hotel No. 20 was an organization which dictated North El Kadsre from May 1999 until February 2004, although they were a crew who broke many laws, some of the members later had successful careers.

Notice members[]

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Their headquarters were located in a converted brothel near the border of Mexico and North El Kadsre. The building went into being abandoned for years after Hotel Number 20 surrendered.

In 2013, the El Kadsreian government declared that the building would be demolished.

Demolition commenced in April 2014 and ended in May 2015, with a wrecking ball first falling through the roof, putting a hole through the roof and every floor. Eventually, all of the walls were removed, except for the front of the building, which was torn-down last with an exciting fireworks display.

The site of the former Hotel Number 20 headquarters was later reused to place a cell phone signal tower.



The logo is Aidan Hotrod's writing. To this day, it is still unknown what language this is and what it means, although it is thought to be from a scrapped Japanese language.