The Story

Not very long after original H-B fell while name still exists, SLN! Media Group revived H-B, Rosie was used to own zooming HB, but SLN! wasn't owned zooming HB. So Rosie Inc. take part of H-B company with SLN! and WB's permission. In early 2016, Rosie started to remake Zooming HB 2002 version with adding "A Rosie Company" as a byline(a recreation version of original) for 2017 Pearler adaption of The Powerpuff Girls which is known as The Powerpuff Girls: Rosie Style(as Hanna Barbera and Cartoon Network made the 1998 version of the show - the 2017 version included both PPGZ version of the girls and 2016 Buttercup (Natalie Palamides), 2017 Blossom (Sarah Crystal) and even 1998 Bubbles (Tara Strong (and Kristen Li for her anger voice)) as known as Danama, which after Cartoon Network closed down forever and all of it's shows gone except for rebooted version of PPG as adopted by XNT due to Starfire dropped uncensored F bomb scene in What the Robin? episode of TTG)

== 2016-Present ==