Guy Service


Logo of Guy Service

This is the current Guy Service logo.

However the logo was created in July 1992 to coincide with the debut of Guy Service on March 5, 1993, replacing the former BS-X (actually not related with Satellaview), a cable TV company "claiming to have all channels available then". As a result, the logo's flag was raised at midnight between March 4 and 5, 1993, triggering the green light for rebrand of BS-X to Guy Service. The satellite division was launched in 1994 together with GSi, and the IPTV division was launched in 2002.

Guy Service Interactive


Logo of Guy Service Interactive

Guy Service Interactive was launched on February 20, 1994 to coincide with the start of broadcast of a real-time style game show which was a port of Super Mario Bros. 2 (16-bit) for GSi, which aired on TV4 on Sunday evenings until 1998. The show returned in 2015.

The logo of Guy Service Interactive is the Guy Service logo with an inverted exclamation mark replacing the dot, imitating the lowercase letter i.

With the introduction of the GSi BIOS 5.5, the logo was retired, however the logo can be seen on the startup sequence of GSi BIOS 5.

1994-present (primary 2015-present)

Logo of GSi without 'guyservice', transparent

This, shortened version of the GSi logo, was also used in 1994 as an alternative version.

However Guy Service announced that this logo will be the primary one from GSi BIOS 5.5, which was released on April 30, 2015, following the update that added notifications to the GSi, seen on top center. The full logo is still seen on the startup sequence of the GSi BIOS 5.

Channel Line-up

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