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Greeny Phatom Studios[]



GreenyWorld Studios[]


Greenyworld Studios logo

In 1997, the company decided to change the name to GreenyWorld Studios, Soon they created more of their own films.




Greenyworld Studios

On June 5, 2020, Qube Communications acquired GreenyWorld Studios.

V β€’ T β€’ E Qube Holdings
Predecessor: Wildcat Holdings

Qube Motion Pictures Group
Wildcat Pictures | Zot Studios | Qube Studios Animation | Filmation | Lamp Post Pictures | Movie Agent | Screen Cold Pictures | ZS Films | GreenyWorld Studios | Greeny Alternative | Greeny Associates | Bounce Animation | Wildcat Independent

Qube Home Entertainment Group
Wildcat Home Entertainment | Infinifilm | Wildcat DVD | Wildcat Blu-Ray | Wildcat Digital Copy | DiscoVision | Filmation Home Entertainment | Lamp Post Home Video | Qube Studios Distribution | GreenyWorld Home Entertainment | Movie Agent Home Media Distribution

Qube Theatres Group
Cinema Agent | Qube Theatres

Infinit Laboratories
GSF | IDS | Infinit Optimizer

Qube Television Group
Wildcat Television | Radio Silence Productions | Four Star Productions | Zot Studios | Abhau Street | Abhau Street West | Cartoon Express Productions | Cartoon Express Alternative | Wildcat Worldwide | Stonecutter Media Studios | Filmation Television | HOT Animation | Lamp Post Television | Movie Agent | Screen Cold Television | Magic-Mario Limited | DNA Productions | GreenyWorld Television | Greeny Alternative | Greeny Associates | Bounce Animation | Braniff Productions

Qube Networks
Cube Television Network | Cartoon Express | Detour Network | Cronos | Jukebox Network | Trouble | TCC (Piramca | USA | Foopiia 1 | El Kadsre1 | Philippines | Tyono) | Mondo Network2

Qube Music Entertainment
Qube Music | Retrofire Records | Mathematic Records | Battery Music | Cube Records | Wildcat Audio Recordings | Audio Agent | GreenyWorld Records

V β€’ T β€’ E Zoop Interactive Entertainment


Zoop Interactive Entertainment

Game consoles division (pending sale):

Manufacturer: NEK Holdings LLC (Nitrome)
ZIE consoles: Nitrome Unity

Zoop Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios:
435 Studios β€’ Game Agent β€’ Greenyworld Interactive β€’ Kaoru β€’ Luxoflux β€’ Moneydollar Studios β€’ Planet Ghost Corp. β€’ Superline Studios β€’ Wildcat Interactive β€’ Zoop West

Past consoles and computers:
Nitrome Pong Console β€’ Nitrome II β€’ Nitrome Text to Speech TV Fun β€’ Nitrome Enjoyment System β€’ Nitrome 32 (Nitrome 32 CD β€’ Nitrome 64-i) β€’ Nitrome Unity (1995) β€’ Nitrome Unity 128 β€’ Nitrome Unity 256 β€’ Nitrome Unity 512 β€’ Nitrome Unity 1024 β€’ New Playing Engine β€’ CCG Engine 2 β€’ CCG Engine 3 β€’ CCG Engine 4 β€’ CDX β€’ CCG Core β€’ CCG PC One β€’ Eagle Hybird Entertainment System β€’ Eagle Visual Computer β€’ Eagle PCDVD β€’ Z2000 β€’ DBC 3D World β€’ DBC Adventure β€’ DBC Super β€’ DBC TeleGame β€’ DBC Toy TV β€’ DBC Vision β€’ Nitrome Handtrome β€’ Nitrome 32 Portible β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity 2 β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity 3 β€’ CCG Nano β€’ CCG Nano Colors β€’ Stereo Pocket β€’ CCG Alpha β€’ CCG Spire β€’ Nitrome Handtrome Unity 4 β€’ Nitrome Unity 2048 β€’ Laserium Durango β€’ CCG Nano Silm β€’ Ben's Period (brand and group of consoles) β€’ Eagle 4 β€’ Mars

V β€’ T β€’ E FBN Corporation

Broadcast television networks:
FBN | Sorbet TV | Bata | Asianmatic TV 1 | FBN Arena

TaugTV | TaugTV Extra

Cable television networks:
The Studios | Pivot | Stars | Neon | Prime TV | Dix | CafΓ©

Television stations:
DZJP-TV and DWQO-TV Manila

Radio stations:
FBN Radyo Ito 682 Manila

Pay TV operators:
Astral Satellite TV | FBN Digizer | StreamV

International channel:


FBN Gau ltd.

Channel 36: 36Two | 36Kids | 36News | 36Sports | 36lounge | 36 Philippines | 36Tarabiscoville | 36World | 36Nordic | 36Dub

AMC Networks International 2021

AMC Networks International Stevia (5%)

ETS | Arte | ABC Spark Stevia | YTV Stevia | Teletoon Stevia | Treehouse | Panda Stevia | Disney Channel Stevia | tvN Stevia | Teletoon Max | CBS Reality Stevia | Horror Channel Stevia | ETS News: FY 1 | Comedy Central Stevia | MTV Stevia | MTV2 (Stevia) | Nickelodeon Stevia | Nick Jr. Stevia | Nicktoons Stevia | Cartoon Network Stevia | Boomerang Stevia

America Direct (10%) | FBN Games | FBN Indies | Cartoon Network Zami+ (USA)

FBN Life | Toon Disney (Philippines)2 | The Zwei | Glitch Channel3 | Club MTV4

1Co-owned with Fujisenkai, GBC Gau, Netflix and Media Prima.
2Co-owned with Disney Networks Philippines.
3Co-owned with Glitch Productions.
4Co-owned with ViacomCBS Networks Philippines.

TMK Corporation, PWER Holdings and Sega Sammy Holdings (through Sega Holdings) owns each 35% stake, Aberic Holdings owns 5% stake and Qube Communications owns 10% stake of FBN Corporation

V β€’ T β€’ E Piramcan Media Network

8A9A93B9-D051-4695-BD8A-77B8C412F91C The Children's Channel (TCC) AMC logo 2013 VH1 Family logo 2021

Pay TV:

EXPO Taugaran 2021JimJam 2018Channel4 Alexonia 2015OdisseiaCanal Panda 2015
owned by Qube Communications, Channel Four Television Corporation, AMC Networks, ViacomCBS and EXPO

Qube Worldwide | Greeny Go | Qplay | Greeny Recording Studios | The Greeny Soundstage

Wildcat VCD | YTP Entertainment | YTP Television | YTP Television Distribution | HTN | HTN 2 | HTN Comedy | HTN Docu Films | HTN Enterprises | HTN Family | HTN Films | HTN Latino | HTN Signature | HTN Sports | HTN Video | HTN W | HTN Networks | Amalgam Comics | Amalgam Enterprises | Amalgam Games | Amalgam Studios | Amalgam Television | Impact Comics | Razorline | Tyco Toys | Carolco Pictures | Rockstar San Antonio | Rockstar Yorkshire | RKO Games Los Angeles | Frog Studios | RKO Games Mexico | Hyper Interactive | Kingdusk | Greeny World Productions | AOA3

1Joint venture with TPEN-FTN Television Group.
2Joint venture with Mondo Media
3Originally a joint venture with Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, and Paramount Global. It's share was sold to CPN.

Qube Holdings

Owned by NotWildcat