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GSN2 1995

In 1995, the Game Show Network launched Game Show Network Two.

Network IDs[]

These are nine network IDs produced by DiC Entertainment, while the remaining two were animated at Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Animation), the remaining four were animated at Curious Pictures and the remaining three are animated at CINAR. Each ID composed by John Williams.

  1. Launch - Animated at DiC Entertainment. Footage from the Game Show Network launch, plus new footage:
    1. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy! 1984, Match Game, Bumper Stumpers, Family Feud, The Gong Show (from the Game Show Network launch at Youtube)
    2. Jeopardy 1978, Quiz Kids Challenge, Jeopardy 1964, Tic Tac Dough, Chain Reaction, The Price is Right
  2. Balls - Animated at CINAR.
  3. Red vs. Green Light - Animated at Curious Pictures.
  4. Pat & Vanna Clip - Animated at Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Animation). Footage taken from Wheel of Fortune: Vanna's First Show in 1982 (footage taken from Vanna's First Show)
  5. Patterns - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  6. Power Screen - Animated at Curious Pictures.
  7. Ball Words - Animated at Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Animation).
  8. Belled Up with the TV - Animated at CINAR.
  9. Dish - Animated at Curious Pictures.
  10. TV Nation - Animated at CINAR.
  11. Network Stations - Animated at DIC Entertainment.
  12. Flicker - Animated at CINAR.
  13. Chinese Characters - Animated at Curious Pictures.
  14. Geographic Stories - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  15. Books - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  16. Winnie and Sister Cries with No Computer - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  17. Computer - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  18. Scratch - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  19. Eight Boys - Animated at DiC Entertainment.
  20. Movie Fictional - Animated at DiC Entertainment.


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