June 2015-May 2016

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    With the olympics symbol.

POE Media (now MHL Broadcasting) decided to revive Galaxia in June 2015, and then it was bought by Duncan Pictures (now Galaxia Motion Pictures) in May 2016.

June 2016-present

Galaxia G

Galaxia Logo Icon.png

Galaxia Olympics

With the colored olympics symbol.

On June 1, 2016, the new version of the logo was designed by GBC.

VTE Galaxia Corporation
Galaxia Broadcasting Inc:

Film production/distribution: Galaxia Motion Pictures
Home Entertainment: Galaxia Video
Other assets: Galaxia Interactive | Galaxia Records
Television production/distribution: Galaxia Television Studios | Galaxia Television Distribution
U.S. broadcast and cable television: Galaxia | The GS
Defunct: Galaxia/Duncan Television

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