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in 2015, GS Media Network launched partnership with Michael and Cary Huang and YSR Network to launch Philippine version of The BFDI Channel, but later on November 2016, YSR Network ended its partnership, forcing GS Media to rename The BFDI Channel Philippines within 1 month.

GS Objects


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in December 7, 2016, The BFDI Channel Philippines was renamed to GS Objects, entering more partnership with multiple Object shows creators (like Adam Katz), making GS Objects to be home of object shows, later in August 2020, GS Objects's main language was changed from English to Tagalog to appeal more new viewers as many dubbers opted to dub Object shows amidst pandemic, howver SAP option (that changes language to original English) was launched, however SAP option of GS Objects will only available on OctaDish, Astral Satellite TV, Novacable, StreamV and several of provincial cable/IPTV operators (like Parasat, via separated channels depending on languages) and USA TV Dagupan), but until August 2020, GS Objects air Object shows in only audio language available, English, but since then, GS Objects airs Object shows in Tagalog and original English (via SAP), its feed on most of DTH and cable operators, like Cignal, GSat, SkyCable, Cablelink and Planet Cable was forced changed to Tagalog.

on December 23, 2020, ViacomCBS Networks Philippines announced to launch GS Objects in rest of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Sakaria, Engary and Taiwan in January, 15, 2021, later on December 27, 2020, ViacomCBS Networks Philippines to launch GS Objects internationally and dubbed this channel as "the channel will air Tagalog-dubbed object shows" on same day and at same day, GS Objects International will first launch on OSN MENA, Sky PerfecTV! Gau, Starhub TV, Singtel TV, DirecTV, Dish Network, various cable networks in the USA (including Spectrum, Xfinity and Cox), various Canadian pay TV providers (including Bell, Rogers and Shaw) and Cignal El Kadsre on January 15, 2020 before other pay TV providers.

January 9-March 2021 (subchannel of MTV Free stations), 2021-present (pay TV)

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On January 26, 2021, ViacomCBS announced they were exploring options for "overhauling" GS Objects to appeal to a wider demographic, including the possible creation of a "internet content-fueled television network" that would include object shows and other webseries in the lineup.


March 2021 (upcoming)

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in January 28, 2021, ViacomCBS chosen the creation of "internet content-fueled television network", and also renaming GS Objects on free-to-air television (via DZWE-TV and other MTV Free stations' digital test broadcast) to RPLW, named after famed Filipino scratcher, "Reptlow", who is only recognised scratcher by GSTV (in 2016, Reptlow gained recognition by GSTV), however "GS Objects" name will still exist as block on RPLW and a pay television network.

RPLW logo (that revealed on January 29, 2021, via MS-DOS and Windows 95 startup-inspired teaser, titled as "c:\new_network_is_coming", via Windows 95 Startup-inspired image) is inspired by Reptlow's Own Character's helmet (which is Purple and Cyan).

RPLW is reportly planning to air object shows, Homestar Runner animations, AntsCanada Ant Channel (Tagalog narration), Shut Up! Cartoons shows, Glitch Productions shows and Flash-era animations (all dubbed in Tagalog) on March 2021 and also air 30-minute gameplay programming, titled "RPLW Gametime".

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