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2001-2016, 2016-2021 (One Hit Wonder)

Turner Classic Movies 1994.png

on 2001, TCM Crenisa was launched as classic movies channel, during 2001-2003, TCM used to timeshare with Cartoon Network (from 2001-2002) and Boomerang (from 2002-2003)

during 2001-2003, TCM Crenisa always airs family classic movies (sometimes classic animation movies) as their first movie to air each day.

TCM Crenisa used to air classic movies from 1920s-1970s.

until 2016, TCM Crenisa uses 1994 graphics and idents from TCM USA, however TCM Crenisa used 1995 full feature presention bumper (with Crenisan subtitles) as their feature presentation bumper.

despite geeky rebrand on July 1, 2016, this logo still used in One Hit Wonder intro and also as screenbug on One Hit Wonder block (which airs the hit 1930s-1960s classic movies) (which still airs every Sundays at 9pm)


TurClaMov-94 logo.png

on July 1, 2016, TCM Crenisa was heavily reformatted as geek and gaming channel, using unique new logo, dropping classic movies entirely (with exception of One Hit Wonder block), and also renames the full name of the channel from "Turner Classic Movies" to "TurClasMov-94", the rebrand was occurred at 6am with Toonami block.

At same day, TCM Crenisa began to air archived G4 programs (mostly from 11pm-5am)

The last movie to broadcast on TCM Crenisa before the geek rebrand was "Oklahoma!" while the first program to broadcast on TCM Crenisa after geek rebrand was "Naruto" via Toonami block.

It was well known for airing popular Crenisan geek series "X-Play Crenisa" (Crenisan version of G4's now ended (then relaunched) game show, X-Play), Attack! (Crenisan version of Attack of the Show!) and TCM ESports.

on 2021, TCM Crenisa aired B4G4 and G4 Beach House to prepare for G4 launch.

according to 30 day EPG, the last program to air on TCM Crenisa is confirmed to be "#TCMCrenisaIsOverParty", which will be live show (according to description, "a live show saying goodbye to 20 total years of TCM, from classic movies to geeky stuff, hosted by everyone at TCM Crenisa studios"), which will air on December 31, 2021 at 9pm-12am the next day.

on December 2, 2021, WarnerMedia Crenisa confirmed to air the very last episode of X-Play Crenisa, Attack! And The Guide to Cheat Codes on December 31, 2021 to make way for more programs for G4 Crenisa (including Scott the Woz, D&D Presents Invitation to Party, Ninja Warrior, American Ninja Warrior and Boosted)

however on December 9, 2021, the relaunch of TCM Crenisa was announced (for more info, see Pogo (Crenisa))

on January 1, 2022, the same day that original TCM Crenisa ceased broadcasting, TCM Crenisa's twitter account was taken over by relaunched version of TCM Crenisa, rather than G4 Crenisa (due to G4 Crenisa uses global version (which is "@G4TV" at Twitter)).


January 1, 2022-Present

G4 logo 2020.png

on November 27, 2021, via WarnerMedia Crenisa December 2021 highlights, WarnerMedia announced that TCM will completely replace with G4 Crenisa, airing G4 content alongside with geek and gaming content.

on November 30, 2021, WarnerMedia Crenisa confirmed that either Boomerang or TCM could be replace with Tooncast or G4 depending on pay TV providers.

according to 30 day EPG, G4 Crenisa would begin its broadcast on January 1, 2022 at 6am with "G4 Vault".