Furby & Friends is an American animated series based on the Furby toyline, it is KCER's fourth original animated series (the other 3 being The Slivers, Bing It, and Softy the Bear) and is produced by DIC Entertainment and Hasbro. The show first aired in November 1998 to May 2001 exclusively on KCER-TV. It reruns on KWAB-TV from 1999-2006 and on CER Two from 2015-present. The show is about a 8-year old skateboard girl, named Emily (which wears a purple/red shirt, blue shorts, yellow socks, and red shoes), who gets three Furbies. However, when she's not noticing, away or asleep, the Furbies start to have a mind of their own and go on adventures while avoiding getting captured by Emily's dad.


The characters of Furby & Friends are: