Fresh2 (also known as F2) an American cable and satellite-exclusive television network owned and operated by The Independent Networks and Fresh TV Inc., its channel's programming were mainly consists of general entertainment, sitcoms, comedy, reality, animation, game shows, movies, music videos, and drama.

June 2001-December 2001

F2 logo

In June 2001, after a temporary broadcast, F2 began an another test broadcast until its channel launch in 2001. This logo is in a rectangular form and it has the letters "F2" in white.

F2 countdown

Countdown screen before launch.

December 10, 2001-May 16, 2016


On December 10, 2001, a new logo for the launch of this channel was unveiled, it features one letter (F) and one number (2) sticking together. This logo is also used on all F2's multiplexed channels as well.

While this logo is still being used after the FreshTV merge, F2 and all of its multiplex channels are being rebranded.

May 16, 2016 - present

Fresh2 logo

Fresh2 logo (used for the SDTV feed and its VOD service)

Fresh2HD logo

HD logo, used for the high-definition feed.

On May 16, 2016, when The Independent Networks got merged by the Canadian production company Fresh TV Inc., The Independent Networks began to rebrand all of their channels (except Access) to the Fresh branding. The logo scheme is now green as in fresh.

Fresh2 4K logo

Alongside with that, a 4K version of Fresh2 will be launched. Select shows and broadcasts on Fresh2 and Fresh2 Social will be transmitted in 4K. However, old and older shows will be letterboxed and it will be retained without alterations.