• The show is similar to various revivals of animated shows, and the original Wayside cartoon.
  • This show was created by Kevin Nemeth and John Derevlany.
  • Louis Sachar serves as the Story Supervisor for this show.
  • Animation services are provided by Mercury Filmworks.
  • The episodes are directed by Kevin Nemeth.
  • The music from the show is composed by James Robertson.
  • Production funding is from the Australian Children's Television Foundation, the Canada Media Fund, the Shaw Rocket Fund, the Bell Fund, and the Bank of America.
  • Most of the show (and some episodes) are based on scrapped ideas and episodes for a third season of Wayside that was going to air in 2009.
  • Maurecia is revealed to have the last name "Johnson" and her old home state was Indiana. Scott Leonard (a Rockapella member from Indiana) has made a few guest appearences on the show, the most recent being in the 2015 episode "Kidswatter Radio".
  • The show sometimes references Noblesville, a city in Indiana.
  • New characters are introduced, and voiced by various actors:
    • Mavis Jewels (daughter of Mrs. Jewels) is voiced by Tress MacNeille, and she sounds similar to Petunia Rhubarb's voice.
    • Harold Johnson (Maurecia's dad) is voiced by Grant Goodeve and he sounds similar to the Engineer's voice.
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