Fimbles 24/7 is a commercial-free cable/satellite channel solely owned by BBC Worldwide, and is produced by CBeebies and Novel Entertainment, it offers non-stop Fimbles and Roly Mo Show fun 24 hours a day. When it started in 2002, it was co-owned by BBC Worldwide and KCER Media (called KCER Television Corporation at this time).

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In May 2014, KCER Media decided to sell its stake in this channel to BBC Worldwide. After that, Fimbles 24/7 introduced a new logo and was converted from a KCER channel to a nationwide commercial-free cable/satellite channel that only broadcasts on its own and not on any subchannels of any network. Also, a new KCER-produced localized feed of Fimbles 24/7 is launched on KWAB-DT22.5 (owned by KCER Media; a division of Laserium Holdings) offering the same programming as the national cable channel.