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Qualis (second era)


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Legally known as QL Entertainment LP (Qualis Legacy), the new Qualis was briefly revived by a group of investors led by Jason Louisbergh to bid for a bundle of assets auctioned off by CPN Holdings, formerly the old Qualis. They successfully won a bid for television assets, as well as real entertainment, filmed entertainment and digital media assets set to be revived, with former employees set to return.



Fenix 2020.svg

On January 25, 2020, the new Qualis was reformed as Fenix. Fenix was one of the name suggestions when the old Qualis was formed as a parent company for Old Dominion Media back in 2018, and it is a stylization of the word "Phoenix", which is a mythical creature known for "being reborn from the ashes" similar to the company's assets they bid for in the auction.

The logo was also similar to the Qualis logo and, like the latter, was designed by Salovaara & Kosch Group.

On May 21, 2022, Haruki Zach acquired Fenix due to abandonment.


Fenix 2022 with wordmark.png

The logo is inspired by Qualis and 2020 TanardoTV logos.

VTE Fenix

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1 Co-owned with TMK Corp.