Prototype (1999, rare)

Summary: The logo is similar to the 2000 logo, not much is known about it, due to it being rare. It does have the 1994 prototype 20th Century Fox fanfare.

Scare Factor


2000-2012 (2000-2013 in US/Canada)

Summary: Similar to the prototype, the logo is different.


In 2001, two things happened. The 9/11 off air (showing a sad face on the logo) in America, and the 1st anniversary.

In 2005, one thing happened. The 5th anniversary.

In 2010, there was the 10th anniversary.

Seen In

Toon Wars 2: The Good Pig and The Bad Barbies (collaboration with 20th Century Fox, who made the first Toon Wars movie)

Toon Wars 3: Steamies VS Diesels (collaboration with 20th Century Fox)

Scare Factor

0% (Original Logo)

48% (9/11 Logo)

2013-2016 (2014-2016 in US/Canada)

Summary: Styles like the Cartoon Network logo.

Scare Factor


2016-2019 (2017-2019 in US/Canada)

Summary: For the first time, uses a real font. Arial Rounded.

Seen In

Journey Beyond Ireland

Ethan And Friends: The Swap

2019-present (Now E-Toons in US/Canada)

Summary: Rainbow with greys, now uses two fonts, Nickelodeon Bold and Arial Rounded.

Seen In

All Ethan And Friends movies + Toon Wars movies since 2019.

Other Styles

1987 TCF Print Logo

2010 Cartoon Network Logo

2009/2010 Nickelodeon Logo

19?? Disney Logo

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