Enuistaun Airlines Logo 1985

Enuistaun Airlines started in February 17, 1985 by John Enuistaun. This logo is used on a few airports than the current logo.


Enuistaun Airlines 2002 logo

In 2002, the plane on the logo was on the text and the text is now straightened. It was used as a secondary logo until 2006.


On November 24, 2005, Enuistaun Airlines decided to change their logo. They came up with 139 logos with the same design with different colors. What logo the choose will be released on January 7, 2006.

2006-2016 (primary); 2016-present (secondary)

Enuistaun Airlines Logo

The logo that they used is Logo 31 and it was released in January 7, 2006.


EA 2009 Logo Rejected

In August of 2009, Enuistaun Airlines changed their triangle to squares. The logo has a plane inside the red square. The font was changed from GrilledCheese BTN Cn to Segoe UI Semilight. It was only used for 10 days. But due to the negative reviews, Enuistaun Airlines brought back their previous logo.

2015-2016 (primary); 2016-present (alternatives)

In 2015, Enuistaun Airlines remodeled the 2006 logo into the 4 colors. The 2006 logo is still used.

2015/16 (unused)

Enuistaun 2016 logo

On November 17, 2015, a statement held by the management of Enuistaun Airlines stated that the airplane is going to rebrand. A day later they unveiled the new logo and said that the new logo will start being used on March 31, 2016, at noon, where the new logo will replace all other logos. However, the 2015 version of the 2006 logo will still be used on documents and seats until January 1, 2017.

On February 18, 2016, one of the managers decided to not use this logo because many people will hate this logo just like the 2009 logo. So they scrapped this logo. However, They announced a new logo with an improved version of the 2006 logo by keeping the triangle and changing the font. It will be revealed on March 2, 2016.


Enuistaun Airlines March-2016 logo 1

This logo, revealed on March 2, 2016, is a improved version of the 2006 logo. the outline of the triangle was changed from black to the 4 colors. The font is changed from GrilledCheese BTN Cn to Kelvetica. Instead of March 31, 2016, it will be released on April 3, 2016 at 12:00 PM. The 2006 logo will now be used as a secondary logo.

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