Electric Network of Canada is a Canadian Counterpart of Electric Network, the channel Was Launched on May 12, 1994, the channel Also Airs Shows from, "YTV", "Teletoon" "Nickelodeon" "Disney" and "Cartoon Network", the Channel's logo was changed on February 2, 2005, The French Feed was launched on November 12, 1997, and it's exclusive to Quebec. and it's owned by Corus Entertainment.

1994-2002, 2005

Electric Network Logo 1993-2004


Electric Network Logo 2003-2009

Before the logo comes to the United States and Latin American versions of Electric Network, the logo is made by Corus Entertainment, the bumpers and the Coming up Next bumpers are also similar to YTV's ones, the logo was used from January 9th, 2002 to September 19th, 2009, and others are stopped using this logo around May 2009 and May 2010 in Latin America.


Electric Network Logo 2004-2011


Electric Network Logo 2011-2017

a screenbug from June 2016. based on the YTV's Fuzzy ident.


Electric Network Logo Blue
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