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Electric Network is a American channel that airs Shows from Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney and more, the channel was launched on May 16, 1993.

1993-2003, 2004

Electric Network Logo 1993-2004

Electric Network was Launched on May 16, 1993, The Logo Looks Similar to Cartoon Network's 1992 Logo, the Logo and The Channel was Rebranded on June 19, 2004.


Electric Network Logo 2003-2009

the logo was also used in promos, station idents and also bumpers as well around 2003 to 2009.

on January 27, 2003, the logo was add and the era and the slogan called "Rascal Dude!", the logo was used in promos, bumpers and idents, and sometimes as a screenbug, the logo was used until May 2009.

The Logo was also made in Toronto, Ontario Canada by Studio B Productions and Corus Entertainment.


Electric Network Logo 2004-2011

On June 19, 2004, The Logo was Officially was Changed, the Logo is almost Looks Identical to Cartoon Network's 2004-2010 Logo, The Logo was Changed on April 23, 2011.

2011-2014, 2016-2017

Electric Network Logo 2011-2017

On April 23, 2011, Electric Network was Introduced an updated logo and on-air look, The New Slogan for the Logo was, "Keep it That Cool", The Logo was Looks Similar to Cartoon Network's Current Logo, And The Logo was Changed in June 1, 2017.

2014-2016 (Unused)

A New Logo or Unused Electric Network Logo

Originally, This Logo was Used to Be gonna be Used back in Spring 2014, However, This Logo was Unused and Scrapped.


a Prototype endboard from 2014 of the 2015 rebrand.

2016-2017 (Prototype)

A Another Unused Logo of Electric Network (transparent)

On May 6, 2016 This Logo was Supposed to be a Prototype Logo for the 2017 logo, but It was Never Used, Similar to The 2014 Logo.


Electric Network Logo Orange

On June 1, 2017 the Logo was Officially Changed to a New Look and a Slogan, "Keep That Cool".

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