1964-1969 1969-1989 1969-1978 1978-1989 1989-2000 2000-present
1964-1969 1969-1989 1969-1978 1978-1989 1989-2000 2000-present

The El Kadsreian Basketball Association (EKBA) is a professional men's basketball league from El Kadsre, and Eirabourne) teams in El Kadsre; 1 team each in Mahri, Sentan, North El Kadsre, and Vicnora; 1 team in Alexonia, 5 teams in Barokia (Fusid City, A'dbel, Ushabahtawad, Gezmad, and Bahezki), 2 teams in Celdonia (Solvaliu City and Nova Milano), 1 team in Internet, 4 teams in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Charlottetown), 5 teams in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Yokohama, and Nagano), 1 team in Algeria, 7 teams in the United States (Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Fitchburg, Anchorage, Georgia, and Las Vegas), 3 teams in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), 1 team in Finland, 2 teams in Venezuela (Caracas and Barquisimeto), 2 teams in New Zealand (Auckland and Hamilton), 1 team in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and 1 team in China.

El Kadsreian Basketball Association (first era)


Vlokozuian Basketball Association






El Kadsreian Basketball Association (second era)


EKBA 1989 logo.png

EKBA 1989 logo alt.png


EKBA 2000 logo.png

EKBA 2000 logo alt.png

The new logo was launched in October 2000. The basketball icon has no longer inside box.

International Basketball League (unused)

2016 (unused)

IBL logo 2018.png
IBL logo 2018 full.png

In 2016, due to many teams from outside El Kadsre, there was a planned rename to IBL, but it didn't come through. It was rumored that the plan was scrapped to prevent confusion with the American semi-professional men's basketball league of the same name.

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