Astra's original 1993 ads, were directed by Robert Johnsmiths and were filmed on location around the El Kadsre. The ads began airing on RGN Network, TV 6, Star, RTV and TTV in February. The commercials featured spokesman "Simon", played by New Zealand actor Jason Gunn. Jason would later go onto playing roles in various TV shows and commercials. The commercials had Simon and various El Kadsreian describing "How Great Astra Is!".

In 2003, Astra ran a series of ads badmouthing El TV Kadsre Dish and Time Warner Satellite Service. The ads were later replaced after two months with new ads featuring "Jason". Ironically, Time Warner would be bought by Astra changed named to ElStar.

An ad for ElStar's sports package which aired in 2004 featured a couple acting "sickeningly sweet" until the boyfriend discovers that the girlfriend is a supporter of the Glonisla World Order (who's playoffs with the Lights Racers were happening around the time). After the deal is advertised onscreen, the ad ends with the couple wearing Racers jerseys with the girlfriend holding a ice pack to her head. It was later pulled from the air after public outrage, and ElStar issued a official apology.