Eirabourne Urbans is a hip hop group promoted by Nickelodeon. They were founded in October 1999 after six months of auditions and have had moderate success worldwide. There are five members, one being Canadian, one being El Kadsreian, one being El Kadsreian-New Zealanders, one being Helvish-British and one being New Zealanders.

They are best known for their June 2000 single Let's Again, which charted at number 1 in El Kadsre, Mahri, North El Kadsre, Sentan and Vicnora and Sentan as well as reaching the top 40 in Australia, Canada, Charlesland, Helvmark. Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Oliveria, United Kingdom and United States.

In August 2012, due to lack of motivation and falling out between two of the members, Eirabourne Urbans were disbanded.

On 31st May 2015, Lil B posted on Facebook saying that she and the other four will reunite for Summer 2015 to perform for some Nick shows and tours. They performed live on Nick's Big Slam 2015. On 9th June, 2015, Eirabourne Urbans released a single called Ready to Rumble which was a number 6 hit in El Kadsre and reached the top 20 in Australia, Helvmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Mahri, New Zealand, Oliveria, Singapore, South Korea and Vicnora. A second single, called Call Me, was released on 31st October that year, which also number 20 hit in El Kadsre and reached the number 44 hit in Canada and United States.


The logo represents Nickelodeon's logo used worldwide until 2011.


In 2003, Eirabourne Urbans said they wanted a logo which was unique and different from the generic Nick logo. The group then designed a logo after many scrapped ideas and was officially adapted in June 2004 during their Big Splash Tour (2004-05).


Lil B reviled the new logo on her Facebook page.

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