EI (Named after the bug on Television channel (example PBS Kids)) was a block that Show the Littion Shows. It also the First Vicitm of Education programs only block.

Ultra TV on NAN


Ultra tv prelaunch logo 1995

Logo is just like the Prelaunch Spunned up channel that happen in 1997.

Ultra TV (Block) 1974-1997

The Only ident. Just like 1974 Through 1999

When Ultra TV Is about Make its own channel and Spunned up later as Well. This block had Auto pilot for first time in Television history. Second was Nick Gas and Third was ABC Kids. it was Replaced by The Incredible world of DIC In 1997, but Las vegas Viewer continue to had this block with Bunch of Rerun until 2008 when Littion's EI Launched. Last Episode in worldwide to aired by this block was Pokémon Team rocket debut episode. Last episode in Las Vegas was What a cartoon Dexter pilot.

The Incredible World of DIC




EI 2008-Present

This block was first victim of Littion Programing blocks, and it closed down in 2018. 

VTE Fenix

Fenix 2020

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