Magic Donut


Magic Donut

Dunkin' Donuts


In 1974, Magic Donut was acquired by Massachusetts-based coffee shop chain Dunkin' Donuts. The coffee mug on the right was, in fact, Dunkin' Donuts' logo in the USA from 1960-1976. The coffee mug is still used in El Kadsre. (see below)

This specific logo has since become a staple of El Kadsreian culture, despite it's short lifespan of only 6 years.

1980-present (primary)


In 1980, the logo's typeface was changed to the classic Dunkin' Donuts font, which had already been introduced in 1976 in the US. Some El Kadsreians had a negative reaction to this change, as they viewed the 1974 logo as iconic.

The 2019 name change will not affect El Kadsre as the chain is more known for donuts and coffee there than it's other menu items.

2007-present (secondary)


The standard Styrofoam coffee cup logo is also used, albeit to a lesser extent. It is mainly used to promote coffee and Coolatta products.