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Dot Drillimation71 DRILLIMATION1986 Drillimation2000 current Drillimation2011
1958 - 1972 Ink Era (1972 - 1986) Big M Era (1986 - 2000) Powerdrill Era (2000 - 2011) Drillimation Systems (2011 - present)

Drillimation Studios (株式会社ドリメーションスタジオ Kabushiki-gaisha Dorimēshon Sutajio?) is a Japanese animation and game development studio headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1958 by Hiroshi Takajima and was originally an animation studio. Drillimation Studios got into the video game industry in the late 1980's.

Drillimation Studios was originally owned by Toho to distribute the anime they made, but was purchased by Namco in 1985 and ever since 2002, they have been exclusively a video game developer.

Drillimation Studios was especially known for their family-friendly games, including the smash hit action-arcade games Mr. Driller and Lucky Star.

1958 - 1972

Ink Era (1972 - 1986)


This logo was first seen at the end of Drillimation productions throughout the 70's and 80's. The prototype was originally created a year prior to its debut.

Big M Era (1986 - 2000)

DRILLIMATION1986 genuine

In 1985, employees from Namco visited Drillimation Studios. In November 1985, Namco paid a total of $200 million to own 100% of the company. Because of this, Drillimation Studios is now a subsidiary of Namco. This logo was first used on Drillimation's products when they enrolled in the video game industry. The Big M logo would become the most popular logo and flagship icon of Drillimation Studios at that time.

Powerdrill Era (2000 - 2011)

Drillimation2000 current

In 2000, the Big M logo was retired and remodeled into a new logo. The logo is exactly the same as the previous logo but the entire logo is in Minecraft Regular and "studios" is now spaced out. This was based on the Drillimation Online logo.

2000 (unused prototype)


The former prototype was modeled with gray text with red glowing around Drillimation and black glowing on Studios. This was called the Powerdrill logo. This logo was scrapped in order to keep the "rainbow tradition" ongoing.

Drillimation Systems (2011 - present)


In 2011, Drillimation rebranded their studio as Drillimation Systems after Drillimation shifted their focus to mostly video games and computer software. However, the Drillimation Studios name is still only used in anime and film productions.

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