The following is a list of tips to help contribute to this wiki.


Profanity and/or sexual language is not permitted on the Dream Logos Wiki. Please see this section regarding this.

Creating Logo Pages

If you write about real logos on this page, go for it, but make sure you put down fanon content about it. If any page is in the "semi-protected" section, you are NOT to delete it in any way.


The Dream Logos Wiki doesn't just include dream logos, it can also include FBI Warning Screens, Feature Presentation bumpers, Video Dealer screens, etc. However, if you write about them, make sure you put down fanon content about it. (ex: "1996-1999 UAV Corporation Warning Screen": In the Availability section, put down that it was seen on [United American Productions] releases from 1996-2000 such as early Amusement Tycoon tapes and early ADV Films releases co-distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

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