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NOTE: 2011 - 2013 didn't have a home page banner.



On May 7, 2013, a homepage logo was created. The logo consists of the site's name being in all lowercase and being all in one word, with "dream" being orange, "logos" being green, and "wiki" being sky blue. This later influenced the site's main logo.

2018 - present

August 2018-October 2018

Dlw mainpage banner

On August 1, 2018, a new homepage logo was created. This logo was short-lived. It retains everything the main logo had, but the logo is printed on a maroon ribbon with it saying "The Drillimation Dream Logos Wiki," with "The Logopedia Fanon Wiki," with the exception of "Dream Logos Wiki," written in the display font used in the PC-9800 series of home computers by NEC. The left and right sides have artworks of Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai from the Chuhou Joutai series.

October 2018-2019

Dlw 2019banner summer

On October 1, 2018, an updated homepage logo was created to reflect Halloween. The decision to update the logo was due to issues with the proportions of Susumu Takajima's body parts in his artwork. It's the same thing but has a lighter gradient with the addition of the text "Serving fanon communities since 2011." On November 1, the winter variant of the logo was created.

The normal variant features the duo from Chuhou Joutai dressed in their regular clothes. The Halloween variant features Susumu Takajima cosplaying as Mario and Kagami Ochiai cosplaying as Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou Project. The winter variant features the duo dressed in winter clothes, with Driller holding a Pokéball and a Nintendo Switch. The New Year's variant features the duo dressed in kimono with hakama over it.

April 2019-September 2019

Dlw 2019banner summer vector

On April 2, 2019, Drillimation slightly updated their home page graphic due to the duo's artwork going vector-based.

The logo is the same as before, with the April Fool's Variant showing Remilia and Flandre Scarlet from Touhou 6: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil wearing the typical 'hoodie and skirt' while holding guns, red text also reads "SPASDOT Was Here", referencing the fictional terrorist group from Chuhou Joutai. The anniversary variant features the duo dressed in formal attire.

September 2019-present

Dlw new banner

On September 11, 2019, Drillimation changed to a new banner yet again. To honor the September 11th attacks, a special banner featuring the duo dressed in black funeral costume was also created. According to Takajima, the banner may also be used if in the event of a major world disaster, such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack, or even for the death of a world leader.

2011-2015, 2016


Consists of the words "Dream Logos" with "Wiki" below the word "Dream" in Arial typeface.



Original variant

Consists of the words "dream" in orange, "logos" in green, and "wiki" in blue, in the Minecraft font with a black outline. Underneath them is 3 horizontal lines (the top is orange, the middle is green, and the bottom is blue), with white text (regular version says "The Logopedia fanon wiki") in the same font as "dream logos wiki" below it.


Dream Logos Wiki logo

In 2017, Drillimation unveiled a new logo and a new background. The typefaces and designs are the same but with "Dream Logos Wiki" and "The Logopedia Fanon Wiki" having shadows instead of being bordered. The text "Powered by Drillimation" appears below "Dream Logos Wiki". This logo is similar to the previous logo.

The Christmas 2018 logo was done differently; the logo was edited with a thick vertical line and a thin horizontal line intersecting it to replicate the Super Smash Bros. symbol, with the text "Happy Holidays, everyone is here!", referencing the slogan used for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The byline had to be done in a different font due to the Minecraft font not being able to fit.


2019 dlw revise

On July 11, 2019, Drillimation permanently moved their users to what Takajima called the "Dream Logos Wiki 3.0", which led to a complete redesign of the logo. The Minecraft font has been retired and has been replaced with the Digits typeface used in Chuhou Joutai, while the slogan and other info use a Gothic typeface. In addition, the URL to Drillimation's website was also added, but on July 23, 2019, the URL had to be removed from the logo as it was contrary to Wikia standards. However, in 11/9/19, they used black and white in the logo to make the slogan be "Remembering 9/11"

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