On the Dream Logos Wiki, users may have more than one account, as long as they are being used for good purposes. If you have multiple accounts, please make sure the Dream Logos Wiki community know about it through putting Template:Sockpuppet legit or Template:Bot if they are a bot.

There are legitimate reasons for multiple accounts:

  • If your account gets hacked, you may use backups until you consider your main account to be secure.
  • If you want to set up a bot, since it is strongly discouraged to run bot scripts on your main account.
  • For testing purposes, such as checking if your CSS looks right.
  • If you have a funny/silly username but don't want to embarrass yourself when editing about serious topics (e.g. a user called ILovePinkiePieFromMLP101 wants to edit Death of Hikari Uchida without getting embarrassed so they edit under a more serious username.)
  • Please note that bureaucrat, administrator, content moderator, chat moderator, discussion moderator and rollback rights cannot be carried over to other accounts.

There are illegitimate reasons for multiple accounts:

  • Using one account for good contributions and one account for bad contributions. If there is strong evidence that they are linked, both the good account and the bad account will be permabanned.
  • Using multiple accounts to evade chat mutes and editing bans.
  • Five of the biggest sockpuppeteers to evade bans are Caturissi, Mason Attractions, Micheleqa595959, Cucumberrrrrr, and Chebbycraft34.
    • To identify a Caturissi sockpuppet, look for either the words “cat,” "silly," or "char" in the username and creating blank pages every few seconds.
    • To identify a Mason Attractions sockpuppet, look for poor grammar and talking about General Mills.
    • To identify a Micheleqa595959 sockpuppet, look for a similar username and vandalizing userpages.
    • To identify a Cucumberrrrrr sockpuppet, look for the message title "Message from (username)" or "Request" being posted on LogoDesignerGuy's or CoolGamer23's Message Wall, and also check for any television station pages in Krakow or Pikeland.
    • To identify a Chebbycraft34 sockpuppet, look for similar information on his masthead from here. Also look for nonsensical messages being posted on CoolGamer23's or ChubbyCroeya371's message walls and Sentra and Khampus-related pages.
  • To support yourself in a dispute or requests for rights such as administrator and bureaucrat.
  • Pointless accounts that serve no purpose are not allowed. All accounts must have a point.
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