Some pages on the Dream Logos Wiki that don't violate the Rules of Conduct may be controversial in some way, but if a particular page in context contains material that could be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences, we may end up placing either the {{ContentAdvisory}} or {{Possibly NSFW}} template on the page to warn users that the page they're reading may be rough in its subject matter(s). These pages must also be monitored for content that must comply with the Rules of Conduct and Wikia's Terms of Service.


Violence in context must not be intended to shock or disgust viewers, but pages that describe violent events in general (such as mass shootings or large-scale terrorist attacks) may end up with either one of the two aforementioned templates above. We also do not permit terrorist organizations from using the Dream Logos Wiki for any means whatsoever, including recruitment or encouraging others to commit violent acts.

Images that contain violent and/or gory imagery are not permitted on the Dream Logos Wiki may be removed from the site, as the content of these generally violate Wikia's Terms of Service.

Sexual Content

The Dream Logos Wiki is not a porn site, and sexually explicit content is an absolute no-no. Fetishistic content is also forbidden on the site, as the content of these generally violates Wikia's Terms of Service. Any conduct involving exploitation of minors constitutes illegal activity and will be reported to authorities via the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Pages that contain or describe provocative material in context, but do not violate the above standards, may end up with the {{ContentAdvisory}} notice. Pages that violate this rule may be removed and the creator will face an immediate ban without warning.

Discriminatory material

Content describing ethnical groups and their relations is allowed, but content promoting hate speech or violence/hatred against individuals or groups based on certain attributes is forbidden by the Rules of Conduct. Content intended to praise, promote, or aid violent criminal organizations is also forbidden.

Pages that inappropriately describe certain ethnical groups or other discriminatory material may end up with the {{ContentAdvisory}} notice.

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