Dream Logos Wiki is a wiki encouraging graphic designers and other dreamers alike to express their creativity and work together. The wiki belongs in a wiki family, known colloqually as DLFW, with its sister wikis Dream Fiction Wiki, Dram Incubator Wiki, as well as some affiliated wikis! The wikis are run by three people: Ootwar, Blue91233 and AmazingTLM.

Dream Logos Wiki is a neutral and fair ground for all contributors. We encourage you to come on and join us in having fun, running imaginary companies and getting to know other users and maybe becoming best friends with them! We also have free coffee!


Back in 2011, a group of Logopedia users, who wanted to make custom logos, founded the Dream Logos Wiki. The main goal was to resolve the problem of fake logos being uploaded on Wikipedia on Logopedia and have users put them here instead. The wiki began rising in popularity in 2013 thanks to this change. Today, over thousands of users have made the switch to here.

In 2015, a Japanese-American game developer going by the name of Susumu "Driller" Takajima, adopted the wiki to prevent it from being disbanded. As of today, it is currently owned and operated by the Drillimation Gaming Network. The following year, a spin-off of the site, the Dream Fiction Wiki, was created.

From 2014 until 2018, Kaylor Dale Blakley was involved with a large number of edit wars, as well as the infamous "kaleidoscope promo" fad that annoyed many users for a couple of years. After a huge number of attempts to eradicate him, he was formally impeached from his position, with Takajima taking control of the site.

In December 2019, after much controversy, the control over Dream Logos Wiki and Dream Fiction Wiki was given to a group of users consisting of Ootwar, Blue91233 and AmazingTLM.

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