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Recent Logos

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March 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new Dream Logos Wiki homepage logo.

Dlw 2019banner summer

March 10: Sky Cinema (Gawah) untils a new logo.

Sky Cinema 2017





January 1: The T&C Network reveals a new logo.

T&C new logo 2019

January 1: Channel 10 unveils a new Logo.

Channel 10 New Logo

January 11: Toonsat and Vyond Network get new logos.

Toonsat 2012

January 1: TVDH was launched.

TVDH 2019

January 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new Dream Fiction Wiki homepage logo.

Dreamfiction logo 2019

January 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a temporary, homepage logo to celebrate the new year.

Dlw 2019 newyear

January 31: BBC Vertinelia unvelis a new logo.

BBC Vertinelia 2019 logo



December 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new Christmas wordmark for the Dream Logos Wiki.

Dreamlogoswiki 2018 christmas

December 17: American TV channel ASC flattens their logo and changes its color to turquoise.

ASC 2018 logo flat



November 2: ASC removes the "Alex Signature Channel" wordmark from its logo.

ASC 2018 (ASC)

November 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new home page banner for the Dream Logos Wiki.

Dlw 2019banner winter



October 19: ASC launches a new identity package.

ASC 2018

October 18: Bulletin Television unveils a new logo for their 5 channels.

BT1 2018

October 16: Hyper Holdings launched a major logo rebrand.

Hyper Holdings 2018

October 1: Drillimation Systems unveils a new home page banner for the Dream Logos Wiki.

Dlw 2018banner halloween

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