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The Once-Ler has aquired Doy Pack Pictures from Bay making the logo bylineless and is now an independient company with his own divisions

VTE Doy Pack
Film production and distribution:
Doy Pack Pictures | Chestnut Home Entertainment | Camila Jones

Television production and distribution:
Camila Jones | Checago Productions | Oxygen Media Distribution

Other assets:
WinRAR Games

Circuit Productions | Victory Pictures | Wild Horse Productions | Black Horse Entertainment | White Horse Entertainment | Carrefour | Educación Para La Salud | Vantage Run | Bay Focus | WinRAR Productions | Zinrar | Jam Jar | Paramore | pcj Media | Caballo Artes | Caballo Artes International | Bic Hippo Arts | Bic Hippo Arts International | Bic Hippo Arts Video | Violeta Que Se Hizo Rosa Por Liquid Paper Productions

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