Premium Children's Channel

1978-1984, 2020

in July 1, 1978, Disney Channel Gau was launched as Premium Children's Channel, its first program was reportedly "Cinderella".

Disney Channel

1984-1987, 2020

The Disney Channel 1983

1987-1997, 2020

The Disney Channel 1986

1997-1999, 2020


1997-2000 (secondary), 2020

Disney Channel 1997

1999-2003, 2020

Disney Channel 1997 logo

2000-2002 (secondary), 2020

Disney Channel 2000

2002-2003 (secondary), 2003-2007 (primary), 2020

Disney Channel 2002 old

2007-2011, 2020


2011-2014, 2020

Disney channel Logo 2010


2014-2017, 2020

300px-Disney Channel 2014

2017-2019, 2020

Disney Channel 2017


Disney channel 2019

in May 10, 2020, Disney Gau announced closure dates of most Disney-branded channels, May 1 (Marvel HQ), July 1 (Disney Cinema), September 1 (Disney in Magbagese (in Gau and Filase) and Disney XD) and November 19 (Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Toon Disney) while Disney+ Channel and other channels shall remain on air.

in May 11, 2020, Disney Gau announced the final programming block to air on Disney Channel Gau, called "42 Days of Magical Memories and Farewells", which airs 42 years of PCC/Disney Channel content, starting with 1978, year change everyday, it will begin on October 8, 2020, at 6pm.

in May 19, 2020, 5 months ahead of closure, Disney Channel began to air 42 Days of Magical Memories and Farewell promo and frequently airing Disney+ promos.

on July 1, 2020, Disney Gau announced that last premiere on Disney Channel Gau will be Parasite, which will be censored for family viewing, that censored version of Parasite (confirmed to have dubbed in Gauese English, with Gauese Japanese via SAP) will premiere on Disney Channel Gau on August 23, 2020, while the last show to premiere on Disney Channel Gau was Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese, which was premiered on July 1, 2020, while moving to either Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Cartoon Network or Boomerang.

on September 1, 2020, Disney Channel Gau began to air more Tamagotchi! than other shows for first time in Disney Channel Gau history, the Tamagotchi! effect would last until October 7, 2020 (due to the next day schedule (12am to 6pm) will be filled with Disney Channel Original Movies).

on September 30, 2020, Disney Gau revealed the full schedule of 42 Days of Magical Memories and Farewells (also reveals that event will begin at 6pm after replay of Descendants 3) and final closedown date is comfirmed as November 18, 2020 at 8pm, its last program to broadcast on Disney Channel Gau was "Parasite", which begins at 6pm and followed by 15-minute long farewell special (which announced to be consist of old logos, old idents and similarly to DLife, list of all programming aired on Disney Channel Gau) and also confirmed that Toon Disney and Disney Junior will also closedown at same time at 8pm, which the last programming to air on the respective channels are "Code Lyoko" (followed by "Anime TV de Hakken!!! Tamagotchi!") (Toon Disney) and "Jojo's Circus" (Disney Junior).

in October 8, 2020, Disney Channel Gau's final event (titled as "42 Days of Magical Memories and Farewells") went crazily popular among Gauese internet users and Gauese Disney fans, resulting Disney to force all pay TV operators (within Gau and Filase), all streaming services (within Gau and Filase) (including Netflix Gau and Filase (causing first time to mark Netflix's live TV test outside of the Philippines) and Amazon Prime Video Gau and Filase (unlike other Amazon channels, Disney channels does not requires additional payment due to Disney's decision)) and Fox Gau's Multiplex (along with TV3 Filase's Multiplex) to make Disney Channel, Toon Disney and Disney Junior free from October 9-November 18 at 9pm, this makes this event to be the biggest television event ever in Gau and Filase

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