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1985-1986 (primary), 1986-1995 (secondary) 1986-1995 (primary), 1995-1997 1997-1999 1999-2003
1985-1986 (primary), 1986-1995 (secondary) 1986-1995 (primary), 1995-1997 1997-1999 1999-2003
2003-2011 2011-2015 2015-2019 2019-2021
2003-2011 2011-2015 2015-2019 2019-2021

1985-1986 (primary), 1986-1995 (secondary)

The Disney Channel 1983.png

In 1985, Disney, Claster Television, and Hasbro launched The Disney Channel, and airs Disney, Claster, and Hasbro's related content.

The first program to air on Disney Channel Centralia was an 1928 Mickey short "Steamboat Willie", also the second program to air is Claster Television's "My Little Pony"

1986-1995 (primary), 1995-1997

The Disney Channel 1986.svg

3 years later after the logo changed, Disney Channel UK was planned to launch in Sky Multichannels package.

In 1992, like Disney Channel US, Disney Channel Centralia aired My Little Pony Tales, unlike DC US, it was aired until 2002 (actually, it was aired until 1999 on the Disney Channel, then aired in Playhouse Disney Centralia block until 2000, and also aired on Playhouse Disney channel on 2000 until 2002).


Disney Channel 1997 International.svg

In 1998, Disney Channel Centralia created an website that have in the bottom of the ident, and it will have a announcer saying the website in the end of the ident. The practice operates until 2003.


Disney Channel 1997 logo.png

In 2000, Disney Channel is split to new 3 channels, Disney Channel - an family network, Playhouse Disney - an channel for ages under 3, and Toon Disney - an toon network airing Disney cartoon content.


Disney Channel 2002.svg


Disney channel Logo 2010.png


Disney Channel logo (2014).png


Disney channel 2019.svg

In 2021, Disney International Centralia announces the closure of Disney Channel Centralia; the shows aired are moved to Star Kids and Star Disney+ in Disney Channel's closure.

In the same upcoming day, Disney Junior Centralia will become Star Kids Jr.

In 26 September, 2021, Disney Channel Centralia started to add music aired on Lite Malaysia. Leaving Disney Channel Centralia an kids and music channel.

In 28 September, 2021, Disney Channel Centralia had music from Lite Malaysia, The first music video to air as a kids and music channel was "Wake Me Up Before You Go".

In the same day DC Centralia had music, at 5:09 PM GMT, The Owner of Walt Disney Centralia announced plans for Disney Channel Centralia's closure, it now also aired Star Disney+ promos.

The shutdown started after replay of Descendants 3, The FiM episode "The Cutie Re-Mark, Part 1" plays, after that episode, Ed Sheeran song "Happier" plays, after that song, An FiM episode "The Cutie Re-Mark, Part 2" plays, after that episode, Sam Smith song "Stay With Me" plays, after that song, The Disney Channel ident plays, and then freezes, signaling the channel official shutdown.

VTE Disney International Centralia
Current channels:

ABC | Star Kids Jr.

VTE Star TV Centralia
Current channels:

In Centralia:
Star | Star World | Star Play | Star Movies | Star Sports | Star Kids | Star News
Outside Centralia:
Star Deportes (Spain)

Current streaming services:
Star Disney+

GTV1 | V

1 Shared 20% of the channel, while GTV holds 50%, and CTV Centralia holds 20% of the channel from 2009-2010.


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