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Diffrank is a 2D-animated sitcom, produced by the Diffrank Production Commitee, Kigis Fiktion and Zigzag, and which airs on UltraToons Network and Ene. It started airing in July 3, 2016, although the pilot episode first aired in March 8, 2016.

It started development in 2014 after Nu Comics (owned by Infinity Media) launched a new comic strip series written and drawn by brothers Richard and Matt Bills, called The Misadventures of Diffrank, about a mischevious and honest cat, who used to be a human, but was turned into a cat by a gypsy, after "some unmentionable event", and his pet owners, a everyman Ash and everygirl Veronica who are living together and dating.

The pilot episode of Diffrank has received mixed reviews, but since the first episode aired, the reviews became more and more positive, due to what was done behind the scenes, as the production crew listened to their feedback and threw ideas around that may be "clever, perfect, funny and/or something surprising". The series was done with Toon Boom Harmony software.

The production commitee consists of licensing and merchandising companies, broadcasters, animation companies, financers and packaged media companies:

  • Japanese Association Of Independent Television Stations
  • ITV Studios/CITV
  • Deedle-Dee Productions
  • Kix/Pop/Sony Pictures Television UK
  • Cinema Management Group
  • Crater Films