Deal or No Deal in El Kadsre began in 2001 programmes aired from Star. In this version, 22 boxes are used, with the lowest amount being $5 and the highest being $25,000,000.

At the start of the game, five random people who have never met each other are seen sitting down on chairs. Five boxes are seen in front of them, and the players are asked to select a box each. Four of the boxes have a picture of underwear in them, with the fifth having a golden ticket. Whoever gets the golden ticket gets to play for the day.

Whoever is allowed to play steps forward, and is either given or allowed to pick one of the 22 boxes. Every round, the player opens 5 of the remaining 21 boxes. Each box contains an amount, and whichever amount is in one of the boxes the player chooses each round indicates how much money the player will not receive (for example, if somebody opened a box with $1,000 in it, that would mean the player would not leave with $1,000, but they can leave with anything lower or higher than that amount).

After the contestant opens 5 boxes each round, the show's host gets a phone call from The Banker, an unseen character. The Banker offers the player an amount of money depending on how much money is left up for grabs (for example, if $2,000 and $50,000 were left, The Banker would offer the player around $20,000). If the player takes the offer, they will leave with that amount of money. If they decline the offer, however, they will continue playing.

After 4 rounds, when only 2 boxes are left, one of which is the contestant's box, the player's box is then opened. If they have refused all of The Banker's offers, they will leave with how much money is in their box. Occasionally twists are on offer, such as Box Swap, Double or Nothing or Mystery Box.


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