VHS and VHS/DVD Players

Logo: We see a blue blob formed in a blue and black laboratory. It keeps moving and moving, but everything zooms out in blue light and we see a large blue D. Below it is "DAEWOO", also in blue. In a few seconds, the "VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER" is seen.

Variant: An alternative version can be seen on the VHS/DVD players from the company. We see an exploding blue flash with blue dots and they all form a blue bubble circle. It zooms in when we see laser-like things, and then a blue flash zooms in the Daewoo logo without the "D". It shines and two lines make it black and turns blue again, and in a few seconds, it explodes.

FX/SFX: The blob and "D" being formed, which seems to be CGI. The alternative version also uses CGI with great results.

Music/Sounds: Some deep synth bass notes with thunderclaps, followed by a high-pitched synthesized tune. The alternative version had a synthesized rock tune, and an exploding sound in the end.

Availability: Scarce, it still appears as the start-up on all models of the Daewoo VHS players.

Scare Factor:

  • Original Version: Low, due to the blue blob being formed.
  • Alternate Variant: Medium to high. First-time viewers and unsuspecting viewers will definitely be startled by the explosion and loud rock music, especially the latter if they were expecting the original variant instead. The scare factor is lower for people who are used to it. Some people can even end up liking this one for it's great animation and music.

DVD Players

Logo: On a white background, we see the circle of the letter "D" moving. A grey sphere appears in the center of the blue "D". It starts to zoom in as the "D" disappears. The sphere then spins as one of the blue lines from the "D" encircles it. The sphere, which now has the "D" from the previous logo, stops spinning and takes it's usual place slightly off center of the screen. The words "DAEWOO" fade in below the sphere, in the same font as before, and the sphere shines. The "DVD RECORDER" text appears below.

FX/SFX: All of the animation in this logo.

Music/Sounds: The 2010 Xbox 360 startup music.

Availability: Seen on all models of the Daewoo DVD player.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low. The "D" might be scary, but its a favored logo among many.