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The Zap 89.5


in May 1986, DZCH was launched in test broadcast under format of "The Zap 89.5" with temporary format of mix of Funk, Soul, R&B and 70s Rock.

The Atom 89.5


in July 3, 1986, DZCH-FM was officially launched as "The Atom 89.5" (named after atomic era of 1950s), airing nothing but 30s, 40s and 50s music, it went popular among the people who born between 1920s-1950s.


in 1997, after General Station acquired the station, The Atom 89.5 changed its logo, however retaining the same format, at same day, The Atom 89.5 has change to make in-line with 1950s-era radio stations (abandoning several of modern sounds at station id of The Atom 89.5 to make way for 1950s radio station id-style station id).

Konichiwa 89.5


in 2005, after General Station sold DZCH-FM to Konichiwa Media inc. (Japanese-Filipino media company), The Atom 89.5 arruptly changed its name to Konichiwa 89.5 and changed its format to all-Japanese format, airing Japanese music from 5am-10pm and NHK Radio programs from 10pm-12am, while changing language from English (or Filipino) to 100% Japanese (however commercials/ad jingles airs on this station can be still English/Filipino).

The name change and format change caused many people aged 35-70 outraged over airing Japanese music (with anime and Japanese city pop songs), not 30s, 40s and 50s music.

It went popular among Filipinos who owns Japanese radio sets (due to having 78 mhz-95 mhz) and most Japanese-owned stations broadcasts on 78 mhz-87 mhz.