Manila Easy Listening Radio


in 1962, DWGS-FM was launched as DWJI-FM, airing Easy Listening musics under branding of "Manila Easy Listening Radio", it was owned by MBC but in 1972, MBC forced sold off DWJI-TV to Philippine government, making Manila Easy Listening Radio to be marked as "Marcos' favorite radio station".

Manila ELFM



ELFM 108.5


in 1986, after EDSA Revolution, General Station Broadcasting Company acquired DWJI-FM and changed callsign to DWGS-FM, and also simply changed its name from Manila ELFM to just ELFM (meaning Easy Listening FM)


O-Chan 108.5 (first era)


in 1999, after Sunsoft gave 50-year permission to use Hebereke characters (including O-chan) to General Station Broadcasting Company, ELFM was drastically renamed to O-Chan 108.5, named after Japanese (and perhaps European) name for A-chan, which is "O-chan", despite including cute character (O-chan) in this radio logo, O-Chan 108.5 still airs Easy Listening musics.



in September 30, 2012, at exactly 5:59:13pm, DWGS-FM, under format of Easy Listening and name "O-Chan 108.5" signed off for final time, its last song to air before silent sign-off (no jingle, no station notice and no national anthem) was Rose Royle's song titled "Wishing on A Star", the last moment of O-Chan 108.5 jingle was before this announced by DJ Catti, saying "O-Chan 108.5 is going full new musics by tomorrow, your listening to O-Chan 108.5 but not anymore after this next song, our new station will premiere tomorrow at 7am, and under our new format, we are not going to air Easy Listening from tomorrow onwards, this is final goodbye to DWGS or in the past, DWJI's Easy Listening format, its been 50 years since we first broadcast Easy Listening songs, we like to thank you Manila Easy Listening Radio, Manila ELFM, ELFM and O-Chan 108.5 listeners from past, present and future, we will air the last song, Wishing on a Star by Rose Royle, before that, This is DWGS-FM, now signing off, time check, 5:55!" followed by last song and followed by static.

GS FM 108.5


in 2012, GS Media Network forced change format of DWGS-FM from Easy Listening to Latest (similar to Tambayan 101.9 (now MOR 101.9 For Life), Barangay LS 97.1 and pre-2004 format DZJP-FM), which force to change from "O-Chan 108.5" to "GS FM"


GS FM 2015.png

in October 29, 2020, ViacomCBS (which is now owner of GS Media Network) forced to change format of GS FM from Latest to Fan songs (especially songs made by YouTubers, songs made directly to Soundcloud and songs made by The Living Tombstones), K-Pop and Asian (specifically Japanese, Southeast Asian and Indian) format, making GS FM to be unique radio in Metro Manila. DZGO-FM inherited the Latest music from DWGS-FM.

O-Chan 108.5 (second era)


O-chan 108.5 2020.png

in November 13, 2020, ViacomCBS announced to rename GS FM 108.5 to O-Chan 108.5 on November 16, and also announced to bring back Easy Listening format but only during early mornings up to 12pm, while air very unique format (which introduced on October 29, 2020) only during 12pm up to sign-off on 12am or 1am. On January 26, 2021, DWGS-FM launched a new morning show O-Chan Mornings hosted by Reid Andrew and featuring guest appearances by internet celebrities and social media sensations.

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