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1956-1963 1963-1980 1980-1993 1993-1999 2000-2011 2011-present
1956-1963 1963-1980 1980-1993 1993-1999 2000-2011 2011-present

DBC Television Service


DBC Television Service Logo.svg



DBC1 Logo 1962.svg

The DBC Television Service was renamed to DBC1 to reflect the launch of DBC2. When color television was introduced in 1968, "Colour" was added next to "DBC1" until 1975, when the transition was complete.


DBC1 Logo 1980.svg

Along with the rest of the DBC, DBC1 introduced a new logo in 1980, with DBC3 launched on the same day. In 1983, Pacific Data Images made the first computer-generated idents in Africa. In DBC1's set, the shapes that make up the DBC1 logo are allowed to split apart.


DBC1 Logo 1993.svg

The numeral was placed above the DBC logo after the corporate logo was changed to monochrome in 1993. The identity was made by Lambie-Nairn. In the DBC1 ident, the numeral is seen floating on a background reminiscent of the BBC1 "Virtual Globe" ident two years earlier.



DBC1 Logo 2000.svg

DBC entered the third millennium by renaming DBC1 to DBC One and using Gill Sans Bold.


DBC One Logo.svg

After the digital television transition in Diursia began, DBC made a consistent rebrand that launched in 2011. The font was changed to Open Sans and the color blue was a brighter shade.

VTE Diursian Broadcasting Corporation

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