Computer Rack 1

ComputerRack was created by Power Computers (now King Computers) so they could sell their computers outside of Japan. The logo looks like it is saying "Computer Rock"


Computer Rack 2

This logo was the longest used logo for ComputerRack. It had a C in a circle which was used all the way until they shut down in 2015. In 2003 King Computers had started selling Computers in the Americas and Europe but they still kept Computer Rack open for other computer brands.


Computer Rack 3

In January 2015 King Computers announced they were shutting down all 425 of their stores due to lack of sales and their computers will be sold in other retailers. They kept 72 stores open because they were still selling well and to this day those stores are still open.

2015 (Stores that are still open)

Computer Rack (unused)
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