Here's the lists of closedowns in XNT. From January 1 2000 XNT became 24/7 TV program.


  1. Each channel idents
  2. Infomation about upcoming signoff
  3. Short Weather programme
  4. Messages and discllimers and even infomation of addres and tune in XNT-R radios during night weekends invataion
  5. 3 o' clock prayer from ABS-CBN
  6. Commercials
  7. Everyday program guide
  8. XNT jingle, then a short version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Voice of Korea song with XNT logo
  9. A clock
  10. A flag image of Pearler Empire with it's national anthem
  11. JORLT animation followed by HBO Sign Off animation and then Rede Tupi 1977 logo followed by goodnight messages.
  12. Tribulate testpattern showed in XNT.
  13. Display of Japanese VHS Ending in many ways (the other versions, and a recreation,followed by zone song)
  14. Warning sign for viewers to turn off television sets accoplying touch tones and white noise.
  15. White Screen Of Death with Top and Bottom Red Bars followed by XNT's current testpattern.


  1. Everyday program guide