1998-2016; 2017-present

CineToon Logo 3

Cinetoon logo used from 2000 to 2005.


This is a 3D version of the logo from 2000. The idents used with this 3D logo involved kids playing sports, or just polygons flying around a space. Was introduced in 2004, and was used until January 2008. After that, the Cinetoon logo used from 1998 until 2016 was used.



After Cinetoon was acquired by the Banushen Media Corporation and Corus Entertainment from Morris Entertainment for $10,000,000; Cinetoon rebranded to reflect the acquisition, and to be modern and up-to-date with Teletoon's branding.

The channel now primarily airs movies, but still also dedicates a majority of the schedule to cartoons as well. The channel also made its audience more broad by debuting Cinetoon at Night, a block that airs teen and adult cartoons, plus anime, from 9pm to 8am. It has 11 hours chock-full of fun for teens, adults, and anime fans.

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