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1966-2011 2011-present
1966-2011 2011-present


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The network's logo has been long evolved since the network's creation in 1957. Its first logo was believed to be a symbol of the St. Lawrence river, and features the word Central down below, set in a custom font. Unfortunately, the logo had been lost and mostly only exists in private collections.


ORF 1968.png
Jan Postles
Aki Lines (1967)

Frutiger (1984)
Serifa (1993)
Interstate (1999)
Effra (2008)


Believed to be inspired from CBS, this logo would later be used by Austrian TV network ORF two years later. Despite the long usage of this logo, the network also expanded to become one of the leading television channels in the United States.


Central-symbol (2011).svg
Troika Design Group

Museo Sans (alternate)


In 2011, Central changed its longtime "Eye" logo to a version similar to TV Avisen. This is changed so to avoid a lawsuit from CBS. All versions below are used by its affiliates.

VTE The Pierre Péladeau Company
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Predecessors: Quebecor Media

1 WRRK is owned by RKO, but is programmed and operated by P. Peladeau under a Shared Services Agreement.
2 WZAT is owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, but is programmed and operated by P. Peladeau under a Shared Services Agreement.

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Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada