Banned users who created multiple accounts to evade bans. Some notable sockpuppeteers include Bluelogan, Andy1991, Caturrisi, Chebbycraft34, Micheleqa595959, and Cucumberrrrrr.

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Current Status of All Sockpuppeteers

Sockpuppeteer Current Status Last seen on
Main Account Activity
Andy1991 Globalled/Closed Dormant September 16, 2019
Bluelogan Banned Retired March 26, 2019
Caturrisi Banned Retired February 11, 2018
Chebbycraft34 Globalled/Closed Dormant December 21, 2019
Cucumberrrrrr Banned Dormant October 8, 2019
Micheleqa595959 Globalled/Closed Retired March 12, 2018

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