TNT & Cartoon Network (Singapore)

2008 - 2011

Cartoon Network One/1 was launched in 18 January 2008 (as test broadcast) and 25 May 2008 (as full broadcast) as formerly known as the Singaporean version of TNT & Cartoon Network. Before it was fully launched, it was a news channel. After that, it was a kids/teens & learning channel.

The kids/teens age of the channel will be 4-17 years old. Suddenly, in 23 December 2010, it was changed to 5-13 years old, because if picking 14-17 years old, it is college/university years.

2011 - 2015

The rebranding of 2011 has been the same logo, but the Singapore word in transparent around the symbol. In December 2014, the whole logo colour was changed to black and grey because of the final year and to changed in 2015.

Cartoon Network (Singapore)

2015 - 2016

In February 2015, just it was changed to the Singaporean version of Cartoon Network. It broadcasts current programs from Cartoon Network.

Just in 22 March 2015, it was changed to all programmings from Cartoon Network.


In May 2016, their rebranding is used to a replacement logo (which is used the old font) except their graphics. The rebranding is short-lived until October 2016 due to have a 2nd channels launch.

Cartoon Network One/1

2016 - 2017

As of that, in October 11, 2016, it was changed to Cartoon Network One.

Also, on the same year, the graphic “Dimensional" has introduced in the channel.

2017 - present

In April 20, 2017, Cartoon Network One was relaunched as Cartoon Network 1 due to the 2nd channel number.

The graphic still use until April 22, 2017 and the same date, has a colourful graphic called “The 3rd Dimension".