1992-1998 (scrapped)

Cn nintendosia resize

On 1992, Cartoon Network Was Planned to be Launched in Nintendosia And This Logo Was Made, in September 24, 1998, This Logo Was Scrapped due to the fact that this logo Will Damage The Channel Transmission


Cartoon Network

After the Previous Logo Was Scrapped, This Logo Bought to Nintendosia instead, and then, Cartoon Network (Nintendosia) was born


Cartoon Network 2004-0

On December 27, 2007, The Logo has been Changed to fit the other Versions of the channel

2014-2019, 2019-present

Cartoon Network 2010-0

on November 30, 2014, The Logo was changed to the Most fitting Logo made by Brand New School

During The Announcement of Super Mario Maker 2 on February 13, 2019, The Government of Nintendosia has Announced That Cartoon Network (Nintendosia) Will be Shut down During The Super Mario Maker 2 Direct on May 2019 for the following reason:

This Channel Airs Nothing But Teen Titans GO! This Show has a lot of Adult References, Which we didn't allow Teen or Adult Content, so we decided to shut this channel down sadly.

after it took effect, the channel had his last programming at 1:23 PM Which is an Episode of The Latin American Show "Miau", and then, later on, The Channel Got Officially Shut Down with his YouTube Videos Set to Private, On June 1, 2019, His Youtube Channel Got Terminated Due To Violations

Then, On June 24, 2019 at 6:00 AM, The Channel Relaunched and Aired Nothing But The Latin American Show "Miau" with his YouTube Channel Relaunched, On June 26, 2019, they aired more shows, making the channel Popular

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