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Carrefour Universe is French/Pearler ultramarket founded in Pearl Empire. There are 470 stores in Pearl.


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It has following markets/other/misc in Carrefour Pearl by size:

Carrefour Planet

Carrefour Hyper


Carrefour Drive

Carrefour Bairro

Carrefour Drive.fr

Carrefour Drive.be

Carrefour Drive.pr

Carrefour Drive.sb

Carrefour Market

Carrefour Market (Belgian)

Carrefour D'market (Singapura Baru's version of Carrefour Market)

Carrefour Market Lable'Vie

Carrefour Marinopoulos

Carrefour Easy

Carrefour Contact

Carrefour City

Carrefour City Cafe

Carrefour Montage

Carrefour Popup.be (online shop in market)

Carrefour Express

Carrefour Express (Belgian)

Carrefour Bio

Carrefour GB

Carrefour Market GB

Carrefour Banque

Carrefour Voyages

Carrefour Spectacles

Carrefour Viajes

Carrefour Mini SA

Carrefour Tiny

Carrefour Universe also has bonus market called: Carrefour Tiny, a size of Lafka, a Pearler tiny market