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In April 27, 2003, Cube was launched as a Canadian family-friendly network that shows Canadian and American cartoons. Because of that, MTV Networks opened Cube International to run the channel and its upcoming sister channels Jelly Cube and Cube Mexico.

In June 2016, Suius M&E Networks Canada acquired Cube International from Viacom International Media Networks. Later, it was moved under Laserium-GBC Networks International.




On August 31, 2011, 7Studios acquired the remains of the recently bankrupt Canwest Corporation.


Canwest 2013

This stylized version of the previous logo was used since 2013, though 7Studios went bankrupt, Canwest is still alive.

Canwest Media


CanwestMedia 2016

CanWest Media was given more stylized design by Salovaara + Kukkonen Group Vancouver.

"The thing about the logo is that the blue is supposed to represent the "West" since it's pointing at west and the remaining green space will form the blocky C."

Canwest Media is planned to be the successor to Suius M&E International Networks Canada, expected to be through in August 2016. The deal was finalized in March 2017.

On January 30, 2019, Canwest Media was merged into Octagon Cable Entertainment.

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