Benri was a Slovakian-American international store, vending machines and fuel station chain. Their slogan is "Retail anywhere".


In March 2017, John River Group acquired Global Blue's main IT hub in Bratislava, Slovakia to be turned into Benri's headquarters, with Global Blue's offices in Morocco, Turkey and United Arab Emirates turned into Benri's head offices in respective countries.

In April 2017, they acquired:

  • Tesco Malaysia, South Korea, Turkey, France and Slovakia with Tesco Homeplus & Dobbies Garden Centres
  • Statoil Fuel & Retail's fuel stations in Scandinavia and Baltic countries
  • Circle K's retail stores in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guam and Lithuania
  • Primark's stores in Portugal, Austria, Belgium and Italy
  • Selecta Group's vending machines and offices in Austria, Belgium, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, Estonia and Switzerland
  • Supernetto, Säästumarket and Mini-Rimi supermarkets
  • ICA Naer (Norway), ICA Maxi (Norway), Matkroken (Norway), ICA To Go and ICA Nära
  • Tesco Metro, One Stop and Tesco Extra stores with 70 Tesco Express/Esso stores
  • Most of the fuel stations, print outlets and stores formerly under Reitan Eiendom, R Kiosk (Baltic states), Lietvuos Spauda, Uno-X, Rema Bensin and XY Energi.
  • Intersport's locations in Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Luxembourg, Lichenstein, Poland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic.
  • Sogo department stores in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.
  • Robinson Department Stores in Japan
  • Loft franchise stores in Thailand
  • Seibu department stores in Indonesia and Hong Kong
  • Ito-Yokado stores in China
  • ABC Group's Bab Idriss, Tripoli, Amman, and Dbayeh branches in Lebanon and Jordan (Middle East)

In July 2018, Benri acquired Toys R' Us international stores in Africa and Asia (excluding Japan, South Korea, South Africa and Mainland China).

On January 30, 2019, Benri's US operations were merged into May Superstores, while Salvonic Lifestyle Group's stores were branded as Benri, unifying tons of stores. Stores in Chile & Mexico, with MalaWorks Hypermarkets, were sold off to Walmart, while stores in Latvia & Lithuania were sold to Rimi Baltic, and stores in Philippines were sold off to FamilyMart. In July 2019, due to restructuring, Benri became the international division of Caldor.



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